Pills & ointment for the removal of warts & corns.

NHP's Wortigon pills and ointment is a complete, natural, painless and a permanent alternative cure for the treatment of warts (verrucae) and corns (callosities). Unlike conventional treatments like cauterization and/or excision which are scar forming, painful, temporary, and superficial; Wortigon pills and ointment expunges warts and corns from their root as well as prevents reoccurrences.

The clinical changes observed after starting Wortigon Pills / Ointment are the softening of warts / corns and surrounding skin. May see new warts and / or increase in size of small warts and corns as Wortigon expunges warts / corns from their root and also hastens the fallout of growths under the skin, leaving absolutely no trace behind. Ultimately warts will fall out and corns may shed off layer by layer within 4-8 mths. Some stubborn or cases of multiple warts / corns may take longer.


Wortigon has been found useful in common, benign epithelial tumours and areas of hyperkeratosis, such as:
Common warts on hands / feet / face / back of neck, etc; genital warts, filiform or "thread warts", flat warts, planter warts, "cauliflower" type warts and unusual pedunculated warts.
Both superficial / conical, with or without pain.


Thuja Occidentalis 200c, Acid Salicylicum 200c, Nitric Acid 200c, all in e.q to medicate globules
Thuja Occidentalis (Ext) 1% . Acid Salicylicum 3x I.P 1%

Action of Individual Drugs.

The remedies listed below play a role in relieving & curing the following medical signs & symptoms :
Thuja Occidentalis (pills / ointment) : Effective in cases of warts and corns of all types, polypi, tubercles, carbuncles, freckles and hyper pigmentation of skin.
Acid Salicylicum (pills / ointment) : General remedy for all kinds of warts.
Nitric Acid (pills only) : Effective in cases of large and jagged warts, bleeding warts, fig warts, genital warts and painful corns.


Adults : 4-6 pills three times a day. 
Children  : 4 pills twice a day or as prescribed by the physician.
Apply sufficient quantity on the warts / corns, twice a day.

Dietary Restrictions.

None. The pills should be preferably taken on an empty stomach.

Side Effects.

None known. The homoeopathic ingredients are safe, non-toxic, in optimal dosage.


Pills : 250 pellets
Ointment : 20 gm tube.