Dentition Tonic.

Ondentine is suitable as a bone and teeth building tonic as well as for problems associated with the eruption of teeth. Teething problems are seen commonly in the first 18 months of life, with symptoms attributed to teething such as fever, diarrhoea, rashes, drooling, irritability, and restlessness.

Like many minor childhood problems teething problems eventually disappear with age. However Ondentine has proved through clinical research and trials to alleviate symptoms associated with dentition to a remarkable extent and also help in the development of healthy bones and teeth.

Ondentine has been specially formulated for the ease of administration as the medicine can trickle down directly from the bottle by a drop-by-drop method. If the administration of the drug and the dosage is proper and in a timely fashion, Ondentine will certainly prove advantageous.


(for infants and children) General bone and teeth building tonic Dentition associated symptoms like - Irritability, restlessness, fever, vomiting of milk, diarrhoea and colic.


Chamomilla 30c and Calcarea Phosphorica 30c, in a flavourful syrup base.

Action of Individual Drugs.

The remedies listed below play a role in relieving & curing the following medical signs & symptoms :
Chamomilla (Bitter Chamomile) : Child has a characteristic irritable and restless look. Distress of teething children. Toothache, increased salivation, distention of abdomen and griping in region of navel are all symptoms covered by Chamomilla. Stool Hot, green, watery, fetid, and slimy, with colic. Diarrhoea during dentition.
Calcarea Phosphorica (Phosphate of lime) : It is especially indicated in tardy or slow dentition, bone disease, vomiting of milk after nursing, abdominal colic, and flatulence. Children who have feeble digestion and slow growth. It has a special affinity where bones form sutures or symphysis.
Reference source: - Homoeopathic Materia Medica by Dr. William Boericke M.D (U.S.A)


8-10 drops three times a day or as directed by the physician. May be taken directly or in some water.

Side Effects.

None Known. The ingredients are natural, safe, non toxic, and in minimal dosage.


None known.


30 ml bottle with dropper.

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