Gripes / Colic drops for Infants & Children.

Colic in an infant is characterized by unexplained, excessive crying in the absence of any physical disorder. The infant shows a distressed look on the face which may be accompanied by abdominal distention, increased flatus and discomfort. Medical research has shown that commonly prescribed pediatric medication are not useful for controlling infantile colic.

Grypna, an effective homoeopathic combination of Senna, Chamomilla, and Colocynthis has been well accepted in the medical field to clinically relieve cases of colic and abdominal discomfort, in both infants and children. Besides relieving the pain, Grypna corrects the underlining cause of the problem such as gases, constipation and / or diarrhoea.


(for Infants and children) Colic / cramps - associated with Irritability, restlessness, Flatulence (gas / wind), constipation or diarrhoea.


Senna , Chamomilla , Colocynthis , in flavourful sugar syrup base.

Action of Individual Drugs.

The remedies listed below play a role in relieving & curing the following medical signs & symptoms :
Senna (Cassia Acutifolia) : Is of much use in infantile colic when the child seems to be full of wind. Constipation, with colic and flatulence. Liver enlarged and tender, stools hard and dark, with loss of appetite, coated tongue, bad taste, and weakness.
Chamomilla (Bitter Chamomile) : Whining restlessness. Nightly salivation. Abdomen Distended. Griping in region of navel. Stool, hot, green, watery, fetid, slimy, with colic. Chopped white and yellow mucus like chopped eggs and spinach. Soreness of anus. Diarrhoea during dentition.
Colocynthis (Bitter Cucumber) : Agonizing cutting pain in abdomen causing patient to bend double, and pressing on the abdomen. Dysenteric, jelly like stool.
Reference source: - Homoeopathic Materia Medica by Dr. William Boericke M.D (U.S.A)


Infants :8-10 drops three times a day. 
Children: 10 -12 drops three times a day. 
Or as directed by the physician. May be taken directly or in some water.

Side Effects.

None known. The ingredients are natural plant extracts in recommended dosage.


None known.


30 ml bottle with dropper.

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