Charge Plus

Vitality in Men

Beyond certain organic disorders of the reproductive system there exists in most of the relationships a silent/unspoken condition, in which there exists a basic lack of sexual desire/urge on part of the partner. An inadequate sexual relationship not only strains bond between partners, it also gives rise to all kinds of psychological manifestations. Since sexual arousal and orgasm involves the nervous, circulatory, and the hormonal system, causes of decreased erectile function, delayed orgasm, premature ejaculation etc. in men are numerous.

Charge + composed of Yohimbinum, Tribulus Terrestris, and Agnus Castus, some of the best-known aphrodisiacs in homoeopathy, effectively work at different levels of the sexual sphere by restoring sexual drive and vigour in men, improving debilitated states of the sexual organs and by improving the quality of semen. Quickly improves erectile and / or sustaining power.


Recommended in cases of erectile dysfunction, partial impotency, loss of libido, premature ejaculation, impoverished semen, and for sustaining power.


Yohimbinum , Tribulus Terrestris , Agnus Castus.

Action of Individual Drugs.

The remedies listed below play a role in relieving & curing the following medical signs & symptoms :
Yohimbinum (Yohimbe) : An effective sex tonic excites sexual organs and acts on the nervous system. An aphrodisiac produces strong and lasting erections. Neurasthenic impotence.
Tribulus Terrestris (Ikshugandha) : Useful in debilitated states of the sexual organs, as expressed in seminal weakness, ready emissions and impoverished semen. It meets the auto-traumatism of masturbation, correcting the emissions and spermatorrhoea. Partial impotence caused by overindulgence of advancing age.
Agnus Castus (Chaste tree) : The most effective sphere of action of this remedy is the sexual organism. It improves sexual vitality, lowers mental depression and loss of nervous energy. It shows distinctive influence in both sexes, but is more pronounced in men. Premature old age from abuse of sexual power, sexual melancholy.
Reference source: - Homoeopathic Materia Medica by Dr. William Boericke M.D (U.S.A)


10-15 drops in 1/3 glass water, thrice a day or as prescribed by the physician.

Side Effects.

None Known.


30 ml