Cal-N Soap

Calendula Soap for Adults & Children.

What is Calendula?

Cal N soap is enriched with the extract of Calendula, nature's most extraordinary healing herb. The name calendula comes from the Latin word "calends", meaning the first day of every month. The bright orange flowers used in Cal N soap have antiseptic healing properties that prevent the spread of infection and promote healthy tissue growth. The essential oil in calendula petals by virtue of its moisturizing effect heals sensitive, dry and unhealthy skin.

Why Use Cal-N Soap?

Unlike ordinary soaps, Cal-N is an ideal multipurpose bath and face soap with the added benefits of herb 'Calendula' such as :

It Safeguards your Family.
Suitable as a daily use, multipurpose bath and face soap as your family will benefit with the protective and healing properties of Calendula herb extract.

Anti-Septic / Anti-Fungal / Disinfectant.
Individuals suffering from unhealthy skin conditions should use Cal-N soap rather than ordinary soaps as Calendula extract has been know to de-promote suppurative wounds and ulcers and promote healthy granulation and rapid healing of tissue. The herb is also known to have anti-fungal and hemostatic properties.


It is advisable to use Cal-Bo Powder concomitantly - A specially formulated homeopathic powder with Calendula extract, Boric acid and Zinc Oxide for daily use as well as for conditions such as Nappy rash, athlete's foot, prickly heat, fungal infections, and minor cuts and wounds.


80 gm bar.