Natural, Healing 'Calendula' Cream.

Cal N Cream has been prepared from Calendula, nature's most extraordinary healing herb. The name calendula comes from the Latin "calends", meaning the first day of every month. The bright orange flower petals used in Cal N Cream are an excellent remedy for cuts and wounds, and their antiseptic and healing properties help to prevent the spread of infection and promote healthy tissue growth. The essential oils in calendula petals are an excellent remedy for various skin disorders as well as an excellent moisturizer.

Healing Properties of 'Calendula' in Cal N Cream :

  • Antiseptic cream for Cuts, Wounds, Bruises, Abrasions, Burns and Scalds 
  • Moisturizer for chapped skin 
  • Suitable for sensitive skin 
  • Promotes tissue growth 
  • Minimizes scar formation


Extract of Calendula Officinalis (External) in a soothing, non-irritant cream base (Alco. Content less than 1% v/v).


Mode of Application.

Apply sufficient quantity on affected area or as prescribed by the physician.

Side Effects.

None Known. The ingredients are natural and safe without any side effects or contraindication.


20 gm tube.