Multipurpose Calendula Powder.

Cal-Bo has been specially formulated keeping in mind our life-style, our habits, our climate and especially for your comfort.

Cal-Bo is special because it...
Safeguards your family.
Suitable as a daily use, multipurpose, dusting powder for the entire family. Not only does it relieve, it also prevents infectious conditions of the skin. Safe for use on infants.
Cal-Bo has an extremely pleasant imported perfume soothe your senses.
Cal-Bo prevents and relieves fungal infections. Therefore, ideal for use on private parts as humidity and sweat promote fungal growth.
Effectively prevents sepsis by de-promoting secondary infection. Therefore, recommended as a dressing-powder for minor open wounds.
Cal-Bo contains 'Calendula' herb extract known to promote healthy granulation and rapid healing of tissue, thereby slowing down the process of bleeding. Cal-Bo works efficaciously when dusted on minor cuts, wounds, burns and abrasions.
The specially formulated purified talc base with calendula, boric acid and zinc oxide is pleasant to the skin and ideal for conditions like allergic contact dermatitis as well as for nappy rash.


General purpose dusting powder, prickly heat, first-aid for cuts & wounds nappy-rash, athletes-foot, anti-fungal, anti-septic.


Calendula Officinalis 1x - 20%, Boric Acid 1x - 20%, Zinc Oxide 1x - 20%. In a purified talc base.

Mode of Application.

Apply sufficient quantity on affected area twice, daily.

Side Effects.

None known - safe for use on infants.


125 gm powder box.