General Health Tonic enriched with `Ashwagandha' for Extra Energy..

Physical and mental strain, stress and irregular eating habits have become an integral part of our modern living. To add to this, lack of a staple and regular diet, not only deprives our body of its needs of essential nutrients but makes it more susceptible to exogenous disease producing agents. Alfalfa has been specially formulated with remedies from the herb and mineral kingdom to boost your health and energy to a normal state of equilibrium. Certain tissue salts such as sodium, potassium, calcium etc. have been incorporated to revitalize your body cells and increase their functional capacity.


Ideal for growing and malnourished children, mental and physical debility, asthenia, anaemia, anorexia, marasmus, malassimilation, insomnia and nervous exhaustion; during convalescence, pregnancy, and dentition.


Alfalfa 2x (.700 %), Avena Sativa 2x (.350 %), Ashwagandha 2x (.350 %), Acid Phosphoricum 2x (.350 %), China 2x (.175 %), Hydrastis Canadensis 2x (.175 %), Five Phos 1x (4.250 %) Total medication 6.35%, in Syrup Base Q.S

Action of Individual Drugs.

The remedies listed below play a role in relieving & curing the following medical signs & symptoms :
Alfalfa (California Clover) : Alfalfa favourably influences nutrition, evidenced in "toning up" the appetite and digestion resulting in great mental and physical vigor, with gain in weight. Acts as a fat producer and corrects tissue waste. Disorders characterized by malnutrition, neurasthenia, nervousness, insomnia, nervous indigestion, etc. are especially within its therapeutic range. It induces mental exhilaration of buoyancy i.e. a general feeling of well being.
Avena Sativa (Common oat) : Has a selective action on the brain and nervous system, favorably influencing their nutritive function. Nervous exhaustion and sexual debility are within its domain. Best tonic for debility after exhausting diseases. Improves sleep and mental concentration. Useful in nerve tremors of the aged, chorea and sleeplessness.
Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) : A health tonic clinically proven to enhance appetite and boost mental and physical well being.
Acid Phosphoricum : Physical and mental debility are very marked in this remedy. Whenever the system has been exposed to the ravages of acute disease; excesses, grief, loss of vital fluids, we obtain a condition calling for it. Impaired memory, inability to collect thoughts and difficult comprehension are relieved by this remedy.
Cinchona Officinalis (China - Peruvian Bark) : Debility, loss of vital fluids, together with nervous erethism, call for this remedy. Seldom indicated in early stages of acute diseases. Decreased appetite, flatulence and bloatedness are relieved by this remedy. Indicated when a person suffers from great debility, trembling, sensitive to touch and draft of air and the entire nervous system extremely sensitive.
Hydrastis Canadensis (Golden Seal) : For debilitated persons, with marked derangement of gastric and hepatic functions. People, where great weakness prevails at all times. Poor muscular and digestive powers with obstinate constipation. Useful in atonic dyspepsia and liver disorders.
Five Phos (Biochemic Tissue Remedies) :
1. Ferrum Phos (Phosphate of Iron) :
Anaemia, blood poverty, pre-exudative stage of inflammation and febrile conditions.
2. Calcarea Phos (Calcium Phosphate) : This remedy includes all bone diseases, defective nutrition, impaired growth, anaemia, chlorosis, rickets and teething problems.
3. Kali Phos (Potassium Phosphate) : Nutritive brain remedy, brainfag from overwork, depressed spirits, loss of memory, nervousness and insomnia.
4. Magnesia Phos (Magnesium Phosphate) : Antispasmodic, neuralgias, and for flatulent and menstrual colics.
5. Natrum Phos (Sodium Phosphate) : Hepatic and gastric disturbances.
Reference source: - Homoeopathic Materia Medica by Dr. William Boericke M.D (U.S.A)


One tablespoon full 3 times a day. Children: half the dose, or as prescribed by the physician. (One tablespoon = 10 ml.)


Alfalfa works effectively even during convalescence, pregnancy, dentition and with other modes of treatment. No dietary restrictions.

Side Effects.

None Known: The ingredients are naturally occurring herbs and mineral extracts in minimal dosage. 


100 ml / 450 ml.