Product List by Type

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Approved specialties in Globule & Liquid form
Formulated after years of successful clinical trials, conducted at 5 clinics by our internationally reputed and highly qualified team of physicians, with a reputation of being the best in clinical efficacy, price, presentation and packaging.

Special Creams & Ointments

Pharmocoepial Ointments

Tablets / Triturations
Manufactured under strict quality control guidelines and contain only the finest ingredients. They are starch free, easily dissolve on the tongue, & are made of superior quality imported lactose. 

Personal Care
Our personal care products cover a range of Homeopathic Creams, Oils & Shampoos, & are prepared from the finest natural ingredients.  

Unmedicated Globules
No. 30 / 35 / 40   &   No. 20 / 60
NHP globules have been widely accepted as "the standard" for dispensing Homoeopathic medicines, & are prepared from pure & refined cane sugar, are starch free, highly absorbable and soft.

Veterinary Products
Our veterinary products are made from the finest natural ingredients to ensure the health & well being of your beloved pet.

Potenized Dilutions
Dilutions prepared from Imported Back Potencies and Reliable Indian sources adopting the Hahnemannian, hand-succussion method, assuring clinical efficacy and authenticity.  

Mother Tinctures
Raw materials used for manufacturing have the highest quality standards as mentioned in HPI, and have been thoroughly tested in our fully equipped QC lab.