Product Listings

Master List.

Welcome to the NHP Products Section. 

We have created three Product Lists of our products for your convenience. These lists contain detailed information on our products, which are always displayed in green. Information on any product can be viewed by using one of the three lists below. 

Product List based on : 

Age & Condition

Our products are displayed based on the age, condition & symptoms of the patient, such as Calendula Series, Children & Infant Remedies, ENT Problems, Gastro - Intestinal & Renal Remedies, etc.

Product Type

This product list is based on the Form & Presentation of the product, such as Approved Specialities, Special Creams & Ointments, Pharmocoepial Ointments, Tablets / Triturations, Personal Care, Unmedicated Globules, Veterinary Products, Potenized Dilutions & Mother Tinctures.


This is a complete alphabetical list of every one of over 1000 products manufactured by NHP.