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Where we come from... & where we're going...

NHP is a highly diversified, research-driven Homoeopathic Pharmaceutical Company. We develop, manufacture and market a wide range of clinically verified, Homoeopathic remedies and formulae that improve human health and provide safe and effective disease management options to patients, physicians and pharmacies.

Eminent Homoeopathic Physician Dr. Vinod Subrao Vaknalli founded NHP in 1975 in conjunction with its marketing division 'Vaknallys Homeo Chemist Pvt. Ltd'. Prior to expansion, NHP had gained a reputation for developing and marketing over-the-counter Homoeopathic patented products known to successfully cure numerous medical conditions.

NHP continued to focus on bringing clinically tested Homoeopathic formulations to the common person, including the introduction of the first Indian Homoeopathic Dental Cream in the 1980's.

NHP's extensive product range consists of several therapeutic categories all of which abide by stringent Indian and International standards. They include the following :

NHP Sponsorships.

Our commitment to Homoeopathy and student Homoeopaths ensures sponsoring educational expenses of certain qualified students or offer special incentives on products offered by NHP. For further information on this topic, please write to us...